The News

Remember a recent post I made, being vague about some possibly exciting news? 

  About 2 weeks ago, some friends and I went to a casting call for the movie 'Public Enemies', about Dillinger, which is being shot in various locations around WI and Chicago, including Madison. 

  My friends and I totally researched the look of women in the 30's and went all out, dress, hair, makeup, everything.   


  OH, did I mention that it's starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale?    <grin>

  It will all be worth it to just see them in action.

  Unfortunately, they only need me for one day, as a pedestrian, but hey, I'm in!   


   I'm going to have a perma-grin for weeks.


For any of you who may currently, or consider using Jiffy Lube for work on your car.... think again.....

  Jiffy Lube Scam

   This unfortunately does not surprise me.   Once, many years ago, I took my car there for a simple oil change.  They 'forgot' to put something back and my car would die every 3 blocks.  I had to call a tow truck. Fortunately for me, I happened to know the tow truck driver. He towed me back to the JL, and not only got me a refund, but had them pay for the towing.   I have never gone there since and have told everyone I know to avoid them like the plague.   This video just confirms it.

agnagaiWQ:FN"H#8045uy3THHGNA' J!!!!

Yes, I did have one too many donut holes this morning at work.  Yes, I am having a major sugar buzz now, why do you ASK?!  

  Wow - I don't think I can remember having a sugar buzz since childhood.  I don't eat much sweets in general - don't have much of a sweet tooth, really...but today, DAMN those donut holes were like CRACK! 

   C-R-A-C-K H-O-L-E-S!

  Wait. That's something totally different.
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A Time of Mourning

I am now kicking myself. Hard.  Why? No, not for kinky pleasure, but because of the several times I have been to NYC over the past 4.5 years, I haven't yet made it to CBGB's.  It is, make that, was on my list of places to visit...but now no longer.  

 I just read this article this morning in horror - CBGB's is now an upscale clothing store.   Nothing like having a cultural icon homogenized by gentrification. 


 Just so, so sad.


Just curious...

How are YOU spending your Halloween?  

 I'm being somewhat of a bah-humbug tonight and holing up in my apt to watch  a couple dvds: '39 Steps' (one of my favorite Hitchcocks), and 'The Missing',  and make - what else? Bloody Marys. (anybody got a good recipe for them?)

  While I do enjoy Halloween, I had a lot of fun this past weekend celebrating it but I'm about Halloweened out.